• About Omni Upholstery

    Excellence through service and craftsmanship.

    Omni Upholstery opened its doors in 1981. Located in Houston, Tx, family owned and operated; we cater to the design trade, local organizations as well as the design minded individual. We are passionate about the caliber of our work in addition to our client-oriented service. From sofas to pillows and made to order furniture like headboards and sectionals; there's a personalized approach to all projects that come through our doors.

    Most of our advertising since 1981 has been traditional word of mouth; and this is evidence of the positive long standing relationships we've created within the community. We consider our clientele as an extension of family, and the customized services we offer allow us to literally grow with each generation. We take pride and feel honored to be the personal upholsterer to so many in Houston and surrounding areas.

  • Shop Talk

    Commonly asked questions.

    How do i start the process to get my furniture


    Email us photos of your furniture (front, back, and side views along with measurements), and we will get back with you on approximate cost and yardage. Furniture can also be brought into our work room as well. Contact us to set up an appointment.


    **Include material replacements,eg. foam, down, nailheads and how many fabrics being used per piece (solid or print w/ repeat). The more specific, the more accurate response can be given.**

    Can I text you photos of my furniture?

    Our main phone number, 713.467.8841 is a landline and

    cannot receive photos or text messages.


    Our preferred method of communication in regards to sending quotes and receiving photos is via email. This method allows for better documentation and referencing.


    Our email address is omniupholstery@att.net


    DO you sell fabric?

    Most definitely! We have fabric, faux leather/ vinyl and leather sample books for you to browse through. We work with beautiful and durable materials and happily offer these options to our clients.


    **Fabric, vinyl, etc. are always in addition to our labor cost.**


    Do i need to leave a deposit?

    Yes, when we receive your order with furniture and fabric, we do require a 50% deposit to begin work.


    **We take all major credit cards, personal and business checks.**

    Are your labor costs negotiable?

    Our pricing is comparable and sometimes less than many of our competitors. Given the importance of our employees' labor, the quality provided, and our boutique form of business; we do not negotiate pricing.


    **Cost given by email, text or phone are only approximate and subject to change.**

    What is your turn around time?

    We are at a 9 week minimum turn around currently.


    **We have suspended our rush option at this time.*

    Do you pick up and deliver?

    We pick up and deliver to different parts of Houston.

    Send us your physical address and which floor you are on-

    to receive the fees charged.


    **Fees may be added or changed dependent on the piece(s) of furniture being picked up and delivered.**



    How long are estimates good for?

    We honor written estimates for 30 days.

    Why am i being charged taxes on upholstery?

    According to the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, upholstery/ re-upholstery work is a taxable service.


    Personal Property Maintenance, Remodeling or Repair Services

    Services such as shoe shining or repair, appliance repair, furniture refurbishing or upholstering, jewelry repair or cleaning and dog grooming are taxable.

    See Comptroller Rule 3.292, Repair, Remodeling, Maintenance, and Restoration of Tangible Personal Property.


  • Shop Talk 2

    UNCommonly asked questions.

    DO you outsource your work?

    We personally work on pieces of furniture clients bring to us.

    All upholstery is done in-house.


    The owner takes great pride in having almost 50 years of cumulative hands-on furniture upholstery experience.

    DO you offer Car Upholstery?

    We do not offer upholstery services on automobiles.

    How many locations do you have?

    We have one location;


    1111 Conrad Sauer Drive Suite G

    Houston, Texas 77043

    DO you make slipcovers for furniture,

    draperies or bedding?

    We do not make bedding items, eg. shams, quilts, etc.

    We do not make draperies or slipcovers.

  • Our Workroom

    OPEN BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.​ Due to the nature of our off-site and work room responsibilities, we have irregular business hours.

    For efficiency and better service, we are happy to book an appointment with you. ​


    1111 Conrad Sauer Dr Suite G
    Houston, Tx 77043
    Monday-Friday: By Appointment Only
    Saturday & Sunday: Closed
    713-467-8841 (Landline)